The 2019 Lynn Marie Johnson Media Arts Award goes to…

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Gene and Dave are very honored to accept an award from Art Spark Texas (formerly VSA Texas). Here is more on the award from Art Spark Texas:

“This year, we are pleased to announce the Lynn Marie Johnson Media Arts AwardLynn Marie Johnson was a longtime employee of Art Spark Texas and a strong advocate for representation of people with disabilities on stage and in the media. She volunteered for numerous performance venues in Austin, and served as panelist and judge for several film festivals throughout her career. This Award recognizes her unwavering dedication to, and powerful impact on, the lives of artists and patrons with disabilities across Texas. The inaugural 2019 Lynn Marie Johnson Media Arts Award is given to an artist with a disability in Texas who displays passion and commitment to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities through the use of media arts, i.e., video, filmmaking, photography, etc. For their willingness to tackle difficult subjects with insight and biting humor, we are pleased to award Gene Rodgers and David Dauber, co-producers of The Gene and Dave Show with this award.”

Since you’re a fan, you are invited to the awards ceremony. Click the following link to get your free ticket.